Hire Business Development Services For Your Company

Business development and in-person marketing is one of the best ways for any business to grow their business. It’s highly effective, given the right person or company, and brings results. As we’ll talk about more at the end of this post, businesses can even hire business development services from companies like Third Loft Marketing, if they don’t have the capital or inclination to hire their own full-time person, in-house.

Hiring An In-House Business Developer Can Be Risky 

It’s surprisingly rare, however, for a company that’s in the small- to mid-range size to hire a business developer. Business developers come with a lot of risk since their position requires a high degree of self-accountability and discipline. Good business developers get results for their company, but often only after several months of effort.

Business development is our background (along with content writing). If you look at our Sales Training Webpage, under the “Program Credibility” section, you can see Jake’s background (Jake is the owner of Third Loft Marketing). Since starting Third Loft Marketing, our team has provided sales training and support for numerous companies in a variety of industries. So, it’s become a strong niche of ours. We’re highly capable of creating referral sources for other companies, through in-person business development.

How Third Loft Marketing Started Out

When we started Third Loft Marketing we needed a way to get people to try us out. To get company’s interested in our services from the beginning, we offered free marketing plan reviews (by making in-person sales visits, by the way). Smaller companies typically don’t have marketing departments of their own, so it was a useful service.

One of the surprising things we learned from companies we did these reviews with is that many business owners view a marketer as a sort of luxury to have. “Not having one is no big deal,” they would tell us. “Having one would be nice, but isn’t important right now.”

Those words were surprising for us to hear because we’ve had so much success in our own marketing strategy by always having an in-person marketer active. It’s always been the foundation, in fact, for our marketing strategy with Third Loft.

A Cohesive Marketing Strategy

By extension of all this, by the way, we also learned that most companies have no marketing strategy. No real, concrete, thought out marketing strategy. If a business has been in business for more than a couple years, they obviously have some idea of what works and what doesn’t. But that doesn’t mean they have a consistent, reliable plan to continually grow their company. In fact, many don’t.

In our initial marketing plan consultations with companies (in a wide array of different industries), we laid out basic steps. Often, the steps weren’t things these business owners had to hire out. Simple marketing techniques that anyone in their offices could do, with a little training. At Third Loft Marketing, we’re more interested in our clients getting results, than in selling them on services they don’t need. We knew that if people wanted to hire us, they would. But we wanted to give them tools to succeed without us, if they wanted.

The number one thing we recommended to companies – across the board – was to make more in-person sales visits to other companies who could be referral sources if someone would just develop the relationship, and ask. Virtually every marketing plan recommendation contained an increase in their in-person marketing.

It’s kind of hard though. Most people don’t really like marketing that much, especially in-person.

Following Your Cohesive Marketing Strategy Without Being Selective

Many of the smaller business owners we talked to were really interested in our ideas for monthly email newsletters. Some companies took us up on the offer to write blog posts for them. Some of our social media recommendations were a big hit. Others really liked the idea of continuing to follow up with their current customer base, sending thank-you cards for business, and asking for referrals.

But almost no one listened to us about in-person marketing.

The result?

Very little results.

Marketing plans don’t typically work a la carte. At least, ours don’t. It’s not very effective to take pieces of the plan and run with those, while leaving the others undone.

Hiring Business Development Services Only Works As Part Of The Larger Marketing Strategy

For instance, we often recommend that companies hire a business developer (or do the work themselves). Build relationships. Get contacts. Then add those contacts to their monthly email newsletter list. Use the email newsletter list and in-person visits to invite potential referral sources to events or talks. Use those talks to provide free material, while offering higher-priced products or services.

And so on. That’s obviously just one example of a way business can be generated.

The point is that every company has a sales funnel, or process. Most marketing efforts tend to build on each other, which is how long-lasting business is created. It’s not enough to simply put ads out there and wait for business to roll in. Sometimes that works. But do you really want to always pay for the next customer? What if instead, you brought them into your world, built rapport, kept them updated with your newest products and services, established a long-term relationship, and they became a customer for life? And what if they started referring people to you, without you having to ask?

Developing Your Business To The Point Of Being Primarily Word Of Mouth

What we’ve found is that businesses that have been in business for a decade or more get a large portion of their business from repeat customers, friends of repeat customers, and family of repeat customers. Word of mouth marketing is and always has been king. The trick is to get there.

Ads alone don’t do it. Neither does picking and choosing individual elements of any given marketing plan. The plan needs its time and space to create an ongoing system that works.

Marketing advice we give out almost always starts with the business developer. It’s the foundational piece that all other strategy we recommend is built upon. It synergizes very well with email marketing, blogs, and sales material of all kinds.

Blog Posts To Come

In coming blog posts we’ll be writing a great deal about how to improve your in-person marketing to the point you’re getting word of mouth marketing. You can start here by reading up on this classic, “How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling.”

For now though, just know that there’s almost nothing more effective than in-person marketing. It not only has a higher conversion rate than ads, but unlike ads, you develop a relationship with your referral sources. Instead of purchasing new business every month, you’re building off your existing referral sources. This allows for your business to continually and predictably grow, rather than hit a plateau, and stagnate.

Hire Business Development Services For Your Company

If you’re interested in learning more, please Contact Us. We now offer a part-time business development service to companies in Grand Junction, CO. We also offer off-site business development through phone calls, across the country. Get in touch to learn more. We can’t wait to see you grow.