Low Hanging Fruit In Marketing

Growing your business from zero to wherever has some really smooth and easy periods, along with moments of struggle. Many businesses start with an idea of who they’re going to be selling to. Everyone has a “natural market” when they get started of friends, family, and acquaintances who will gladly buy. There’s also the case where a person starts a business in an area that’s underserved for the particular products or service they offer – they’re the first CrossFit gym in town, for example. Being the first comes with the same benefits as being well-known to the people you’re working with. The first year of a businesses’ growth often seems to be promoting to the owner’s and business affiliates’ natural market. Then streamlining the backend of the business to make it flow more naturally. We call it the low hanging fruit in marketing stage.

Following The Natural Market

Once the business is more streamlined and the business’ natural market has been tapped, many businesses plateau.

What exactly is a “natural market?”

It’s at this stage that true marketing to a wider audience needs to take place. And as one person put it, marketing is like a black hole… Sometimes in terms of cost, sometimes in terms of, as a business owner, knowing what the hell it’s all about.

Marketing is really a combination of letting people know what you’ve got, plus making sure what you’ve got is really, really good. It’s a lot easier to sell high value products and services than it is to sell those that are mediocre. And once you show people something that’s amazing that they either can’t get anywhere else, or can’t get anywhere else at the same price, it becomes kind of a no-brainer to buy. Which is exactly what businesses should be after. That’s why we call it low hanging fruit in marketing.

Building For A Wider Market

Low hanging fruit is easier to pick off a tree than the fruit towards the top of the tree. Ladders aren’t needed. It’s easy in comparison to picking fruit up top. A business’ low hanging fruit would be their natural market, to start. People who are already interested enough in the person starting the business a shot. The next low hanging fruit would be getting feedback from those early buyers and making sure the product or service is suitable for a wider audience.

Once a business has that product or service refinement in place, that wider audience becomes the next layer of low hanging fruit. The process repeats all over again. However, the next stage of fruit picking requires more communication to prospective buyers. The wider audience a business markets to, the more competition. Thus, a greater need for the business to prove to their new prospects that what they have is unique, valuable, and price effective.

Promotion And Refinement

Ideally, any marketing company or in-person marketer that a company works with should promote and refine. Promoting is simply telling people about the business. Refining the product or service makes for an easier sales process. It’s not really an easy task and is actually one argument for hiring a marketer in-house. The in-house marketer will spend all their time working in one business, in one industry, giving them time to learn it thoroughly.

Marketing companies typically have more experience than in-house marketers because they market in numerous industries. Marketing companies gain insights about marketing as a discipline that crosses industries. That experience can be extremely valuable to businesses they work with. It may take a marketing company longer to learn and thoroughly understand an industry than someone in-house, but they usually make up for the initial difference with their vast experience in numerous industries.

In-house marketers are also very expensive compared to hiring a marketing company. In-house marketers are full- or part-time. Marketing companies can simply work on projects month-to-month, as needed, or provide basic monthly services. The key with either is to make sure that they are able and willing to help with promotion and refinement. Have them help make the business better so selling becomes easier. This will turn more people turn into low hanging fruit as a result of your awesome product or service.

The Low Hanging Fruit Of Education

At third loft marketing, we like to sell through education. Education, like blog posts or email newsletters, promotes to customers while teaching them. Customers learn what’s great about the business and what they offer. Promotion through education works really well as a soft sales technique.

If we tell people what’s great about a business, we’ll easily create sales for them. People love spending money. We just need to help businesses match up with the people who are already looking to spend money in the area they’re promoting. People who already understand why what we’re promoting to them is so valuable.

Sales through education can happen in any number of ways. Blogging, email newsletters, sales copy, and in-person sales (all four of which third loft marketing offers to businesses in case they don’t have a marketer in-house). Webinars, seminars, websites, social media, YouTube videos, PR, and so on. All are great ways to educate an audience.

Experts In Fruit In Marketing

But how can blogs be written and constructed on the back end to get the most use out of them for SEO and the audience that reads them? How about email newsletters? Which programs should be used, how do businesses get past people’s spam filters, and how do you know if they’re effective?

How is good sales copy formatted? How do you find a good salesperson, or teach them to sell better?

Anything a marketing company or marketer can do for a company, the business owner could figure out how to do as well. It’s 2019, almost 2020. YouTube any of the topics above long enough and any person can become at least somewhat proficient.

But which business owner or manager has the extra time in their schedules to study marketing in enough detail to become proficient, much less the time to apply what they’ve learned to make it effective?

That’s where third loft marketing comes in. We’ve already put in the time to become highly proficient and effective at both aspects of marketing – promotion and product/ service refinement. Since our whole business is helping other companies with their marketing, we have the time available to take the marketing workload off your plate.

Contact us and let us show you how promotion through education in blogging, email newsletters, sales copy, and in-person marketing can help you reach your next level of low hanging fruit in marketing.