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Restoration Industry Blog Post

We wrote the following professional restoration industry blog for a client of ours. They are mold, water, and fire damage contractors. As of the time of this portfolio post, we blog for this company four times per month. And each month they continue to see their web traffic grow. You can view the blog post here:

Commercial And Residential Flood Repair In Grand Junction, CO

You can also find the original post here: Delta Restoration Services of Western Colorado.

A Brief Explanation Of Our Approach With This Restoration Industry Blog Post

When you read the piece you may be a bit surprised to see so much first person language used. Jake, who owns Third Loft Marketing, used to work for Delta directly. We’ve always had a strong relationship with Delta Restoration Services, and Jake knows the industry well. He also has a strong relationship with many of Delta’s referral sources, who are some of the blog’s primary readers.

Third Loft Marketing does not often use first person as a style of blog writing, but it can be very effective with the right audience.

You can probably see right away, reading this piece, that we place a large emphasis on education. Our goal is always to have people who read our clients’ blogs come back for more, later on. We believe that people come back because they like the stories you tell, and the information they gain while reading. If we give your readers value and keep them entertained, they’ll bring you business, as well.

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